Glowing Skin is always In

February 03, 2021

AJ Andrews

Sweat and dirt are not a cute combination when trying to have clean and clear skin. Being an athlete for majority of my life and playing multiple different sports I have always been susceptible to acne issues. I have tried it all when it comes to skincare trying to find the perfect match for my skin and to help combat the bacteria and elements that I encounter playing softball and training everyday. From Cetaphil, to CeraVe, to Clean & Clear to Clinique, I’ve tried it all trying to find some consistency in my skin. 

These brands would help for a while but would come at the expense of skin feeling dry, looking tired, not really feeling clean. The results from using these products lasted for a very short time and Just like clockwork, I would have a new blemish creep up on my skin. It wasn’t until I was 17 years old when I ended up having to get stitches on my chin that I really discovered the beauty in natural products. I was in a hurry to make sure I didn’t have a scar from the stitches and began researching all that I could do to prevent it. That is when I found the amazing affects cocoa butter, licorice root and shea butter had on my skin with scars and just overall glow. The results I saw from using these natural products were amazing! This ignited my desire to research more and more on what natural skin care products can do for different issues with the skin. My skin not only stopped breaking out but began to have this glow to it. My complexion was evening out despite always being in the sun and that dry feeling that most skincare brands gave me completely disappeared. My skin felt smooth, clean and clear and it lasted! 

The world always discusses health as what you put in your body, but health is just as much what you put on your body as is what you put in! Many ingredients that help your body thrive also help your skin thrive. This vlog is going to be for all those individuals that want to use more natural products but don’t really know where to begin and what is best for their skin. As women and athletes always on the go it’s important to find what really works for us. Time to learn what works for you by hearing what has worked for me. 

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