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February 03, 2021

AJ Andrews

As an athlete it is so important to get on a good training regimen in order to see optimal success in one’s sport as well as achieve the desired muscle gains. It is just as important to make sure as an athlete we are working the right muscles that will help keep us healthy, active and injury free! I had to learn this the hard way from only focusing on the major muscles and neglecting the smaller muscles that support the big ones. I tore my labrum in my hip in 2017 and ended up having to have surgery to repair it since I was unknowingly neglecting the muscles that would’ve kept me healthy. I’ll never forget getting evaluated and the doctor telling me that my glutes were weak. Weak? I cried out, as I was someone that certainly made sure I kept my back side tight and looking right. What she then explained to me was that yes my gluteus maximus was strong (the muscle we all look at in the mirror) but that the medius and minimus were very weak which support the gluteus maximus. It was in fact those smaller muscles that were responsible for the deterioration of my labrum. My labrum had to over compensate for my weak glutes while playing which led to the tear. This is something we see often in sports, but as a result learned so much about my body and how I need to train to make sure everything is functioning properly so that I can have proper muscle gain and true strength throughout my body. I want to make sure you know it too! This blog will be here to help you efficiently workout those smaller muscles to prevent injury while also making sure the bigger muscles are ready to go for season. Time to make some gains while we MAINTAIN our health and longevity!

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