You are what you eat, so don’t be easy, cheap or fake

February 03, 2021

AJ Andrews

As a professional athlete, a lot of the questions that I receive are about my diet and what it is that I put in my body everyday to maintain a high-performance level. If you have ever wondered what elite athletes fuel their bodies with, you have landed on the right blog!

After having surgery to repair a torn Labrum, I began researching how to live a more holistic lifestyle with the goal of bouncing back from surgery quicker. I was determined to come back from my surgery faster, bigger and better than ever! Throughout my research, I discovered how important the products we put in our help with the recovery and overall longevity of our health. I began seeking foods that would allow my body to heal itself faster and give me more energy. I went into this all natural diet with nothing to lose and everything to gain, so while I love sugars, and fried food as much as the next person I was committed to my goal of recovering faster so all natural, all organic food was all I put in my body for 5 months. The results I saw from my all-natural diet were astounding! My 6-month recovery was cut down to 5, I had more endurance during training, my body built lean muscle faster and was more toned and my skin felt clean and remained clear. 

The problem that I ran into was that it can be difficult to always make healthy decisions when I was always on the go from one practice to another. Fact of the matter is as athletes we are always on the go and always moving and sometimes it can be difficult to eat right when we sometimes just don’t have the time to make a healthy meal. I began seeking a solution to this and worked out a plan to stay consistent and feeling great for all athletes on the go and here it is! This is a blog for all my athletes looking for healthy alternatives, quick meals, and just great foods, powders and proteins that will help you all achieve your personal goals!

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